SMSF Loans

Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) loans in Australia, commonly known as SMSF property loans, allow members of a self-managed super fund to borrow money to invest in residential or commercial real estate. These loans are subject to strict regulations, and they enable SMSF members to use their superannuation savings to leverage property investments. SMSF loans can be a strategic financial tool for diversifying investment portfolios within the super fund, but they come with specific compliance requirements and risks that necessitate careful consideration and professional advice. Properly managed, SMSF loans can provide an opportunity for Australians to build wealth and secure their retirement through property investment.


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Residential SMSF Property Financing

If you are a trustee of a self-managed super fund and are considering borrowing for an investment property purchase, this could provide the financial boost you've been seeking. We can assist you in obtaining optimal financial solutions for your investment needs. Our strategies are designed to enhance the growth potential of your SMSF's residential investment property.

Refinancing for SMSF Loans

If your existing residential or commercial property loan has been in place for over two years, you may not be taking advantage of newer, more competitive financial products. Our goal is to analyze various products and financial strategies in alignment with your unique financial requirements, ensuring we connect you with the most economically advantageous loan option for your specific circumstances.

SMSF Financing for Commercial Properties

Are you in search of financing for acquiring a commercial investment property within your self-managed super fund? With access to a variety of commercial loan options, Digital Alliance can create a customised investment strategy for your commercial property investment within your SMSF. We provide the best suited lending solution to meet your financial needs.

Setting Up an SMSF

Ensure the proper and compliant establishment of your self-managed super fund (SMSF). We offer assistance throughout the entire process, from initial fund setup to property settlement. We can even arrange for your loan to be pre-approved before your SMSF is fully established.

SMSF Lending Strategy

We aim to discover the most suitable lending strategy tailored to your Self Managed Super Fund. Investing in property through your SMSF may appear intricate, but our team of experts is here to make the entire process more straightforward for you.

SMSF Loans for Bad Credit

Even if your credit history is less than ideal, it doesn't have to prevent you from borrowing for investments or subjecting you to high interest rates. At SMSF Loan Experts, we provide lending solutions designed specifically for clients with imperfect credit records.

Our Services


Obtaining SMSF loans for property investments in Sydney has become increasingly popular among investors seeking to leverage their self-managed superannuation funds for real estate opportunities.


Melbourne investors are exploring SMSF loans as a viable option for diversifying their self-managed superannuation funds into the real estate market.

Common FAQs

What is an SMSF loan?

An SMSF loan, also known as a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA), allows the trustees of a self-managed super fund to borrow money to invest in assets, typically property. It enables SMSF members to use their superannuation savings to leverage investments.


What can I purchase with an SMSF loan?

SMSF loans are commonly used to acquire residential or commercial properties. However, they can also be used to invest in other assets, such as shares or managed funds, provided they meet certain criteria.

Who can apply for an SMSF loan?

Any SMSF with a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) can apply for an SMSF loan. However, the trustees must meet specific lending criteria, and the investment must align with the fund's investment strategy. 

What are the restrictions on SMSF loans?

SMSF loans are subject to strict regulations. For example, the purchased property must be held in a separate trust (bare trust), and the loan can only be used to acquire a single asset or a collection of identical assets.

What is a limited recourse loan?

A limited recourse loan means that in the event of default, the lender's claim is limited to the asset(s) purchased with the loan. This protects other assets in the SMSF from being seized to cover the debt. seized to cover the debt.

How are SMSF loans repaid?

SMSF loans are typically repaid from the SMSF's own resources, such as rental income, contributions, or investment returns. Loan repayments must be made according to the loan agreement.

Can I use the property purchased with an SMSF loan for personal purposes?

No, the property acquired with an SMSF loan cannot be used for personal purposes. It must be held solely for investment purposes and not for personal use or to benefit the SMSF members or related parties.