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Schofield King Lawyers, over the past decade, have been advocates for the underprivileged in their battles against insurance corporations and large enterprises. During this period, their team has experienced substantial growth, expanding their presence across three offices in New South Wales.

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Workers’ Compensation Claims

Have you ever experienced a workplace injury? You might be eligible for various forms of compensation.

Motor Accident Claims

Have you ever sustained an injury in a motor accident? Even if you believe it was your responsibility, you could potentially qualify for substantial compensation.

Negligence Claims

In case you've experienced an injury or incurred losses within a home, worksite, or public area, there's a possibility that you could be eligible for compensation.

The lawyers who make insurance pay!

Schofield King Lawyers believe that accessing assistance during critical times should not pose a challenge, and they hold the view that expert legal guidance should be accessible to all, regardless of their financial means.