Merri Mysteries

Are you ready to put down your phone, connect with other people, share the fun and laughter and step up to meet this challenge with some mystery party kits? Bring that upcoming get-together to the next level!

merri mysteries party

Who do you want to become?

It's your time to shine and become the star with our murder mystery party kit rather than just watching them on screens.

Who Did It?

We make our kits challenging but still solve-able. Even the host or the murderer can fully participate in working out who did it.

What's in the parcel?

Mystery games are great for fundraisers. You can charge people to participate, to play the suspects and also for special clues.

Downloadable Mystery Party Kits

You can do and be so much more once you have donned a costume. The possibilities are endless when you have a murder mystery party.
People probably won't recognize the new you - but that's just part of the whole experience.
It may be the most memorable party of your life or the start of a whole new life once your talents are discovered. Who knows?