Lutheran Services


Lutheran Services operates as a division within the Queensland District of the Lutheran Church of Australia. As an integral component of the church, their aim is to both tap into and contribute to the church's vitality, purpose, and outreach.

lutheran services

Aged Care

Lifestyle holds significant importance, doesn't it? At Lutheran Services, individuals have the opportunity to engage in activities that bring them joy, all while having the assurance that all their other needs are being managed.

Home Care

Individuals can continue enjoying their preferred activities in the comfort of their own homes with the support of our skilled caregivers, who are readily available to provide assistance with any necessary tasks.

Retirement Living

Their primary focus is helping retirees make the most of their retirement years. They firmly believe that emphasising the fundamental aspects of life, such as community, relationships, and diversity, can lead to increased happiness and well-being.

Finding ways to make your day a little brighter

Since 1935, Lutheran Services has been dedicated to improving the lives of Queenslanders. They provide a comprehensive array of services, care, and accommodation, all delivered with a friendly demeanor. They are eager to assist you today.