Tailored for your individual driving needs, Karmo car subscriptions offer a more intelligent, adaptable, and secure method of obtaining your upcoming new vehicle.



Karmo's all-encompassing car subscription model grants you the opportunity to enjoy a fresh vehicle every four months, ensuring you have access to the right car for your needs at all times.


Enhance your rating by opting for Karmo's high-quality rideshare rentals. Our rideshare rental packages encompass a full range of services, such as maintenance, insurance, registration, and roadside assistance, all conveniently bundled within our weekly plan.


Dazzle your staff with a fresh car rotation and streamline the workload for your procurement manager. Unlike traditional operating leases, subscriptions are straightforward and conducive to a balanced financial statement.

Convenient car subscription plans

Avoid excessive costs on pre-owned rentals; instead, enjoy the luxury of driving a new vehicle every four months through Karmo's car subscription service.