Dr. Boom Communications

Dr. Boom has been specialising in device repair, support, and sales for almost three decades. Whether you require a screen repair, a fresh pair of headphones, or wish to enhance your phone case, Dr. Boom is the go-to source.

dr boom

What they can fix

At Dr. Boom Communications, they offer repairs for nearly all devices available in the market. Whether it's leading smartphone and tablet brands or laptops, they have the expertise to fix a wide range of electronics.

Skilled phone repair technician

In each of their stores, there is an on-site technician ready to provide immediate mobile device repairs. These skilled technicians are well-equipped with the necessary tools to carry out a variety of mobile phone repair services.

Using only the highest quality parts

They exclusively utilise internally sourced high-quality parts for mobile phone repairs. These spare components have undergone rigorous and comprehensive testing to guarantee that the repaired device maintains its standard performance.

Mobile Phone Repairs You Can Trust

They only stock the highest quality brands because they believe their customers deserve premium quality at affordable prices.