Com2 Communications


Modern business telecommunications call for business phone system solutions that allow your team to work from where they want on the device they prefer. The Com2 team have a breadth of PABX user solutions to make it easy to find the best fit for each individual.

com2 communications

Quality Guarantee

For customers, only the best will do. Genuine, quality parts and materials and maintenance delivered by qualified technicians Australia wide to ensure the highest standards for clients.

Technical Advice and Design

Com2 will expertly design a phone system solution for your small office, head office, call centre, national branches and/or any IP infrastructure in between.

Business Accredited

Being an accredited Business Phone System Dealer is no easy feat. Sales and support staff are all trained to the highest of standards with a comprehensive understanding of the latest technology and systems.

About Com2

Founded as a Telstra business dealership in the year 2000, Com2 Communications has a long history of working within the modern business landscape, understanding the challenges business face and how to assist your business to stay at the cutting edge of todays’ telecommunications technologies.