Cold Display Solutions


Cold Display Solutions™ specialises in crafting top-quality commercial refrigeration products intended for the Australian food service sector, with a focus on design and manufacturing.

cold display solutions

Buy Fridges / Freezers

Cold Display Solutions™ takes great pride in delivering consistent and dependable service to their clients. Their units are GEMS certified, highlighting their exceptional energy efficiency.

Rent to Buy

For those seeking to acquire additional equipment rapidly, the RENT TO BUY option offers a cash flow-friendly solution. Supported by a team of licensed ARC TICK technicians and service personnel, it constitutes a winning formula for success.


For more than two decades, COLD DISPLAY SOLUTIONS has been a reliable supplier of high-quality refrigeration equipment to various sectors, including events, mines, supermarkets, and even home gatherings. They offer flexible rental options, spanning from a single day to an entire year.

Trusted by Australia’s best businesses

Cold Display Solutions™ offers both rental and sales services for an extensive selection of refrigeration products to various industries throughout Australia.