Apollo Investment

They remove the need for research, guesswork, and the time-consuming elements associated with investing in an NDIS/SDA property.

NDIS Investment Property

Occupancy is everything

With decades of experience and a wealth of expertise in the Australian property market, along with a track record of serving numerous genuinely contented clients, they offer individuals the necessary knowledge, tools, and resources for investing in an NDIS property.

Investing in NDIS properties

NDIS properties demand a high degree of specialisation, necessitating investors and/or their advisory teams to possess an extensive and thorough comprehension of this particular domain.

How Government Incentives Benefit You

The government has recognised the potential for private investors to offer valuable assistance in the construction of homes and developments for NDIS properties, creating suitable living spaces for individuals with disabilities.

High-Yield NDIS Investments For Optimised Occupancy Prospects & Capital Growth

At Apollo Investment, our primary emphasis is on developing NDIS properties designed to prioritise tenancy, offering the potential for annual yields exceeding 15% at full occupancy, strategically situated to maximise capital appreciation.